Specialty Testing Services

Since it’s founding in 1993, TSIT has strived to provide comprehensive services related to the Construction Materials Engineering Testing and Geotechnical Engineering fields.¬† Our recent move to a larger facility has allowed us to acquire new equipment and expand our range of services not typically provided by consulting firms in this area.

Our Services include

  • Aggregate testing including LAA, Sulfate Soundness, Wet Ball Mill,
  • Concrete Mix Design confirmation including Time Set test
  • Linear Shrinkage, ASTM C157
  • Standard Test Method for Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates, ASTM C1260
  • Standard Test Method for Determining the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate, ASTM C1567
  • Roller Compacted Concrete Mix Designs including compressive strength specimens by vibrating hammer and Vebe testing for unit weight.
  • Roller Compacted Concrete field observation and testing including compressive strength specimens by vibrating hammer.
  • Plate Load bearing test by ASTM, AASHTO and modified methods
  • Field CBR load test
  • Concrete floor moisture testing by certified technician
  • In-house Roof Observation and Testing services
  • Thermal profile by Infrared camera for roof and walls
  • In-house Asphalt Testing and Observation personnel
  • Thermal profile of pavements by Infrared Gun and Camera
  • Hamburg Wheel evaluation of pavement
  • Drain down test of asphalt by TxDOT method
  • Tensile Strength of asphalt
  • Field load (pull) ¬†testing of dowels and anchor bolts
  • Monitoring and documentation of in-situ load testing of buildings, ACI 318
  • Soil landfill liner observation and testing
  • Precast Plant observation, PCI Level II
TSIT is an equal opportunity employer. We are a minority owned and operated business certified with the NCTRCA (D/M/WBE and HUB).