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HMAC Engineering and Testing

Our staff that has over 55 years of asphalt plant and laydown experience, including experience as aggregate plant management, asphalt plant and laydown management and CMET QA and QC asphalt plant and laydown testing and observation. Our personnel have been involved in TXAPA including participation in materials specifications and procedures committee assignments. Our certifications include TxDOT, 1A, 1B and 2A.

Our services include:

  • Mix designs by TxDOT Dense graded, SMA and Superpave design methods
  • Asphalt content by Ignition Oven and Vacuum Extraction Methods
  • Aggregate Gradation Confirmation
  • Laydown inspection including density testing by thin lift gauge
  • Thermal profile by Infrared Gun and Camera
  • Maximum Theoretical Specific Gravity
  • Coring for thickness confirmation and core density testing
  • Drain down test by TxDOT method
  • Indirect Tensile Strength
  • Hamburg Wheel test
  • Laydown and Production consulting services
  • Marshall Stability and Flow
  • Cantabro
  • Boil Test

Services Include:

Geotechnical Engineering

Roofing and Waterproofing

Specialty Testing

HMAC Engineering

Masonry Inspection

About TSIT

TSIT has been delivering geotechnical, material design, testing and inspection projects for the past 25 years. Our main motto is to serve client needs in a efficient and professional manner.

About TSIT
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