About Us

“Quality in Geotechnical & Construction Material Engineering, Testing and Inspection”

TSIT (T. Smith Inspection and Testing LLC) is a Fort Worth Texas based Construction Material Engineering firm, providing all constructions material related services to the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas for over 15 years. TSIT began as the dream of Mr. Terry Smith in 1993, who saw a need for additional CME technicians. He began TSIT to provide back up, part time technicians to most of the major laboratories in the DFW area. By 1995, TSIT was a full service laboratory providing construction material services to industries, municipalities and the private sector. TSIT offers prompt and reliable services by a staff of professionals, supported by an inventory of modern laboratory equipment. Our technical staff is not just there to test and observe for you, we assure our clientele that IF there is a problem on your project; we are there to help you find solutions!

TSIT is an equal opportunity employer. We are a minority owned and operated business certified with the NCTRCA (D/M/WBE and HUB).